Thursday, January 5, 2012

A house is not a home until you make it so

Before I get into my post, I first have something very important to say....Ya'll have made my, my month!  21 comments on my first post after 4 months on break!  What can a girl say other than...Wowza!  That is WAY more than I expected!  I had said to myself, "Jillsy, you'll be lucky to get 6 or 7 comments, tops."  True, I did have several peeps write and ask me to come back, but to have so many of you who actually kept me on their RSS feed is amazing!  I thought ya'll would have file thirteened my lifeless blog, fo' sho', by now!  So, thank you, thank you for keeping me around!  I feel totally honored....or else you guys need to clean up your reading lists! ;-)  But, to humor myself, I will continue to believe it was because you had faith in me and my blog!  Please give me a few days to get around to all of you who have visited me....I look forward to seeing what you've been up to!

Okay, now to the meat and potatoes of this I had mentioned, I would fill you in on some of the happenings that kept me busy over the past few months, some good, some not so good.  I decided to devote a post to each one.

Today's is a good happening, and one that was sixteen years in the making.  I don't know how many of you have lived in the same home for 16 years, but this is the first time in my life that I have ever lived in any one residence for more than 6 years (including my childhood).  I think the only way I can stay content in the same place is to continually make changes, so it's probably a good thing we bought a fixer-upper or else we probably would have moved long ago.

The things we've done to this house over the past 16 years have practically transformed it into an entirely new house existing within the same 32 year old walls.  Two levels out of four were completely renovated from nothing into a custom office, home theater, full bar, guest bath, laundry room and a shop/craftroom.  Another level received a complete face lift that included a totally new kitchen and dining area that, to our astonishment, received first place in a remodeling contest and got published in a trade magazine. The final renovation was the remodel of the master bathroom and new carpet for the upstairs level which was the project we just completed.

When that was finished back in October, I was torn between being totally elated and somewhat sad.  I'm torn emotionally because I remember all the excitement we experienced for each project we completed and the anticipation and all the planning for the next one. Now what?  Just maintenance.  All the sweat equity we have in this house.  It would be difficult to let go, for sure, but I hope we don't get bored and end up wanting to move.  For now, we're just enjoying the fruits of our labor. 

What's the longest period of time you've spent in one residence?

Until next time ~