Monday, February 20, 2012

Light & Shadow

 it was a beautiful day today
certainly not a typical february afternoon
the skies were blue and the sun warmed me enough to shed my jacket
to just a sweater and jeans
so a friend and i decided to go to a local park for a photo shoot
it just so happens that jan's focus 52 challenge for this week is "light"
i, therefore, converted all my shots to black & white
to accentuate how beautifully the sun cast shadows on practically everything in the park

shadows of trees make the most interesting patterns

and then i looked up to see a hawk circling above me

there ended up being three circling above, but i could only get one at a time

a creek runs alongside the park 

and two young love birds trotted by us dressed as though it was summer
giggling and laughing as though the world was totally theirs
 she decided to be daring and cross the creek on a log

unfortunately the log won

 she screamed but quickly the laughter took over again

i then came upon this badly charred pair of glasses in the sand
apparently a victim of a late night creekside campfire

there are three of these face carvings in the park, but we only found this one

and don't these vines make a statement on this tree trunk?

further up the creek we came upon more daring teenagers taking the plunge
*this one's my favorite for the day

i played around with my settings until i finally got the streaming water the way i wanted

so overall it was a successful photo shoot!

 until next time,