Friday, February 3, 2012

A Painterly Touch

Mr. Robin Redbreast sits proudly upon a tree branch overlooking his domain

as Howdy & Doody (Mr. Nuthatch & Mr. Goldfinch) guard their prize possession

that is...until this striking red-head makes a grand entrance and scares them off (Red-Bellied Woodpecker)

and who may i ask is trying to moving in on my territory?  questions Mr. Titmouse
none of your darn business!  replies Mr. Chickadee

 and this little birdie flew all the way home (with his grub, of course) 

all these images were edited in iPiccy
using the "artistic painting" effect
it's free & it's fun
try it out!

thank you beth for all your research!

have a great weekend!

until next time,