Wednesday, February 8, 2012


You might have noticed 
that several of my posts 
have included quotes within an image
for me, 
certain images just call out for words
and when the right ones are found
be it my own or someone else's
they add an entirely new level to the photograph
making it somewhat timeless
therefore; i'm starting.....

and just in case you have some words you might also like to share
i'm adding a link-up board!
 no rules really, other than submissions need to include words or a saying/quote
images do not have to be photographs
they can be paintings, drawings
or just words that create their own image.
you can even link-up a flickr image if you'd like
i might, from time to time, offer a theme
but for now 
all words are welcome!

you can link up anytime within the next week!