Sunday, March 4, 2012

Standing Guard

i've only seen these amazing masked bandits
on other blogs
but never before in my backyard 
that is, 
until this weekend
i was totally taken aback
the second i walked out the back door
onto our deck
i don't know who
was more surprised
 or the flock of 15-20 cedar waxwings
that flew out of the holly bushes
 surrounding the deck

Standing Guard ~ these masked bandits take their jobs very seriously ~ available on Red Bubble
up they scattered
into nearby shrubbery and trees
 causing interruption to their meal
l o t s    o f    t h e m
 ripe for the picking

i happened to capture this little stinker taking care of business, so there's been some cloning done on this one!
50 yard dash
back inside

did i hear you say that you were thinking of leaving me?
i felt so privileged
they decided to dine and hang
at our B&B
this year

Don King wannabe
 but, it won't surprise me
if they're all gone tomorrow
to wherever
their annual journey
takes them
it's not here in

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