Sunday, April 22, 2012

Guarding and Waiting

this past weekend while we were at the lake
we took a tootle (our nickname for a lazy stroll) on the boat
 even though the weather wasn't so wonderful

the sun played hide and seek with us
and when she ran off and hid
 the cool breezes teased us

so, we beached our pontoon on a favorite sandbar
and decided to play a game of cards

while we were there
this guy kept a very close eye on us

he would swim back and forth
very slowly
periodically, checking us out

so hubby decided to check things out himself
by getting off the boat
and walking the sandbar

"bean...grab your camera and come over"
he called out
(bean, being my nickname)

this is what we saw

and a closer look

a proud mama
and a daddy that was making sure all stayed safe

i'll keep you posted