Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunshine, Sponges and Saganaki

my mom lives on the gulf coast of florida
and when we go, we love visiting the greek coastal town of 

this intimate little coastal town is known for its sponges
they're everywhere 
from swinging on fishing boats
to bins overflowing with them along main street
 merchants waiting for tourists to touch and squeeze them
in hopes they'll buy a few

and sponges aren't all that can be found
in fact, i found a couple of adorable summer dresses....
who can resist colorful beachy fabrics that are swaying in the gulf breezes?

now, let's turn our attention
to the opposite side of main street
where the birds hang

and observe

look at that luscious red beak....

the better to kiss you with, my dear

just watch those feet, please


now...movin' on to the boats

that line the inlet beside main street

they come and they go

smiles are everywhere

and the day wouldn't be complete
without having an early dinner at dimitri's
where the saganaki is superb
then, dessert at hellas
where the greek pastries are to die for!
i hope you enjoyed this little stroll around tarpon springs
sorry, i haven't been around much lately,
but i will soon be making my rounds to visit all my peeps
i've missed you guys!