Monday, May 7, 2012

A Photo-A-Day

i haven't been shooting enough lately
my creativity button
(something that used to get pushed every day)
has just been sitting quietly
gathering dust
looking all lonesome 
on the far left corner of my desk 
in between blog posts

but last week 
as i was typing on my keyboard
it began calling 
in the weakest of voices
"push me, push me"

that poor little button looked so pathetic
i didn't have the heart to ignore it
so i picked it up, dusted it off
and moved it right next to my mouse

i am
 once again
pushing it daily

if you subscribe to my
facebook JillsyGirl Studio page
you might have already noticed
a new daily post
called Photo-A-Day

it's the next best thing to blogging
no words
just photographs

if you'd like to visit
in between blog posts
to see what i've been shooting
you can do so
all you need to do is hit the "like" button
to receive my daily photos on your feed
(buttons are needy little creatures, always wanting attention) about some strawberries & cream?