Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ch Ch Ch....Changes

as i prepare for the launch of my new blog
i am realizing i need to change things up a bit

so for the time being
you can find me 
over HERE

my photo-a-day posts
keep me shooting, editing and processing
at least 4 to 5 days a week
and that satisfies my photography/artistic passions
if you have an FB account, just like my page, 
if you haven't done so already, 
so you can receive them in your feed!

my new blog
will step away from my personal photography
and feature all things for the photo enthusiast

and i have this feeling
you will like it!

*fingers crossed*

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Canna, Canna, Canna, Cann-i?

did i catch you with that title?
it really won't have anything to do with this post 
other than the images are of a canna lily
it just popped into my noggin and i thought it was cute

have you missed me?
i certainly have missed you!
my mom's visit, which was supposed to last 9 days, ended up lasting 23 days
due to an unexpected hospital stay
hospital stay

our sweet little Miles
5 lbs. of pure yorkie playfulness

accidentally scratched grandma's leg
while playing catch
it was a superficial scratch really
nothing to be concerned about
until 3 days later when her leg between her ankle and knee
became red, swollen and warm
since we didn't notice it until to emergency
she ended up having, what is called cellulitis,
a skin infection, that if went unchecked,
could have resulted in something much more serious

she ended up staying in the hospital for 2 days
until her leg showed signs of improvement
then, it took another week for her leg to get back to normal
during which time there was much pillow fluffing
meal and drink delivering, plus card playing
now.... to add another dimension onto my mom's adventures
yesterday she finally got to go home
we drove her to the airport
with plenty of time to spare

taken thru the sunroof approaching the airport

we stayed long enough to watch her being pushed, in the wheelchair we had ordered, into the airport 
(she started taking advantage of this service a few years ago and loves it)
about an hour later
i receive a phone call from Airtran Airways
telling me my mom missed her flight
yes, you heard me right
m i s s e d  .   h e r  .  f l i g h t 
how could that be, you ask?
well, it just so turns out 
she was abandoned just inside the airport doors
until someone f i n a l l y came to get her
but only to arrive at the gate right after they had closed the doors
and would not reopen them

talk about being furious!!
unfortunately, i have found out since,
from a close friend in the airline industry,
this happens all the time.
my friend did tell me, though
that all airports
offer personal escort service
which allows you to personally take a handicapped passenger 
directly to the gate
something we'll probably be doing in the future

now for one last announcement
i have been working on a new blogging venture for all you photography enthusiasts
which was suppose to launch over Memorial Day weekend
but because of the obvious reasons stated above
it had to be postponed for a bit
i think you'll like it!