Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Here, It's Ready and It's Waiting!

i know,
you probably thought
i totally left ya'll in my dust
after that last post i wrote
back in June about a new blog
you know how summer can take grab of both your arms
and not let go, right?

well, even as i was indulging in all the warmth and fun
i was also giving miss la-di-dah summer a piece of my mind....

"i made a promise to all my blog peeps"
 i told her
"even you, with your shorty shorts and your golden tan,
won't keep me from my obligations" 

she just laughed right back at me

what nerve

but, i shook my finger at her and scoffed....

"i'll show you....i can break away from your slender grip anytime i choose!"
(well, practically anytime, as long as she's not taunting me, too much, with her sunshine and all)

and here's the proof....

i hope you like it!

and, please pass the word around
i sure would appreciate it!