Monday, January 30, 2012


mommy, that tree looks scary
there's nothing to be scared of dear
it's just cold
its summer clothes have fallen to the ground
leaving only bare arms to face the cold of winter
wait until the first snow
when it dons its winter white coat
that sparkles brilliantly in the sunlight
wait until spring
when beautiful fragrant blossoms 
sprout from its fingertips
wait until summer
when its bare arms can no longer be seen
for all its lush green attire
wait until autumn
when it comes ablaze in color
and once again begins shedding its summer clothes
just wait
that tree is not scary
it is full of wonderment

until next time,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Piece by Piece

are you a jigsaw puzzle person?
i haven't done one in years
 but since the weather has been so nasty lately
i decided to buy three of them last week
this one was only 300 pieces
and i completed it within a day
the other two are 1000 pieces
which i know will take me much, much longer
or will drive me crazy and i'll give up before they're done
no i won't, i'll persevere!

for those of you who love jigsaw puzzles, i just found this site for online playing

in fact, here is one for you to try, right now!

:: focus 52 ::

until next time,

Monday, January 23, 2012

No one Lives There Anymore

she baked cookies every tuesday
the children's faces beamed as they ran off the bus
straight to her front door
chocolate chip
peanut butter
sugar ~ colored with sprinkles
all heaped high on a plate
a pitcher of milk close by
her eyes twinkled
her soft smile
as she watched them devour 
her creations
were special
the day her husband's loving touch
came to an end
 and silence walked in and replaced it
the neighborhood children
seemed to help
their smiles and laughter
warmed her heart
the house is now empty
but the love still exists 
for those who knew her

until next time,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love Birds

on love.....

                                                            marv to mitzy:  i'll watch your back, if you'll watch mine.
                                                            mitzy to marv:  ok

enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


                                                                                      along Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA

"I don't think of form as a kind of architecture.
The architecture is the result of forming.
It is the kinesthetic and visual sense of position and wholeness
that puts it in the realm of art."
~ Roy Lichtenstein ~

curves, squares or lines? 
 (curves for me)

until next time, 

Monday, January 16, 2012


As mentioned in my previous post, the silence in our house was deafening with the absence of Simon's everyday sounds.  The pitter-patter of his little paws on the hardwoods, the lapping of water as he drank from his water bowl, whimpers by the back door letting us know he had to go out (he still knew how to get everywhere despite his blindness), his soft breathing in between us while we all slept in "his" bed.  Such a little guy he was, but his presence was huge.  That silence led me to start searching the internet for Yorkie breeders.  Not to necessarily bring home another any time soon but to gather names.  Hubby requested we wait a little while, at least through the holidays before starting the "search".  I agreed. never occurred to me that because it was right before the holidays, breeders would have litters ready and waiting for new parents to come, look, choose and take!  How can anyone ignore a gift horse like that?  So, of course, I convinced hubby to take a drive and have a look with me. 

Here's the Miles!

 all 3.5 lbs. of him

we've had him almost 6 weeks now and he just turned 5 months old last week

he's definitely a handful, in every sense of the word,
but he's been wiggling his way into our hearts, regardless.
who could stay mad at a face like that?

 take a look at the cheeky little devil a few days after we brought him home....

I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of Miles!

until next time,

Friday, January 13, 2012

Black Friday

I had told you in my previous posts that I had some good and some not so good experiences to report that had happened during my blogging absence.  Well, this one is the "not so good", well actually awful, and will probably be the most difficult post I've ever written.  Some of you are already aware of what this post will be about, but I'm writing it for those of you who have not yet been informed.

Black Friday has always held a bad connotation in my mind since the term became popular over the past several years. I was content just hearing the day referred to as "the day after Thanksgiving" when everyone went shopping.  Well, now it will forever be a real Black Friday, and one that is not associated with shopping.

For Thanksgiving, we drove down to Florida to spend the week with my Mother.  Everything was fine when we left, but when we got there, Simon seemed uncomfortable with the surroundings.  Being that he was a year older since we had been there, we didn't give it too much thought since being blind is not an easy thing when in strange surroundings, that is, until Wednesday afternoon when his demeanor seemed to worsen and his appetite began declining. Then, on Thanksgiving Day he began pacing and bumping into things.  His breathing also became belabored. In the wee hours of Friday morning his symptoms became so bad that he couldn't sleep. He started running in tight circles at rapid pace and screaming.  Being away from home we had to find a 24 hour vet hospital, which we did, that wasn't far away (and shoppers were out in droves). The vet ran some tests and took an x-ray but could not find anything seriously wrong.  What he believed Simon was dealing with was a canine type of vertigo and would go away within 2 to 3 days, so we took him back home which was now about 5AM. His breathing was extremely disturbing, though.  He seemed to have fallen asleep for only a very short period, but even then, his breathing was in short, rapid gasps. When we got up at about 8:30 in the morning, we took him out of bed, but when we put him on the floor he couldn't stand up.  I took him outside to see if he could do his business, but he immediately fell sideways, frantically panting.  At that point we knew it was much worse than vertigo, and as he was laying there on the driveway, I began saying my goodbyes. Tears were flowing down my face.  I knew, just as any mother would, that his time had come.  We drove back to the vet hospital where we were faced with making the ultimate decision.  A different vet was there who told us his lungs were beginning to fill with fluids due to his heart being overworked for such an extended period.  So, what started off as a holiday vacation ended up being disastrous with us taking little Simon P. back home in a box.

He was the light of our lives for 14 years and made us laugh every single day until the end.  Here are three of my favorite photos I would like to share with you ....

Simon's final resting place is now in our backyard and we visit him every day.

The silence in our house was deafening so I began searching the internet a few days later for Yorkie breeders with the intention of only gathering names.  I'll tell (and show) you the results of that innocent intention in my next post.

Until then,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A house is not a home until you make it so

Before I get into my post, I first have something very important to say....Ya'll have made my, my month!  21 comments on my first post after 4 months on break!  What can a girl say other than...Wowza!  That is WAY more than I expected!  I had said to myself, "Jillsy, you'll be lucky to get 6 or 7 comments, tops."  True, I did have several peeps write and ask me to come back, but to have so many of you who actually kept me on their RSS feed is amazing!  I thought ya'll would have file thirteened my lifeless blog, fo' sho', by now!  So, thank you, thank you for keeping me around!  I feel totally honored....or else you guys need to clean up your reading lists! ;-)  But, to humor myself, I will continue to believe it was because you had faith in me and my blog!  Please give me a few days to get around to all of you who have visited me....I look forward to seeing what you've been up to!

Okay, now to the meat and potatoes of this I had mentioned, I would fill you in on some of the happenings that kept me busy over the past few months, some good, some not so good.  I decided to devote a post to each one.

Today's is a good happening, and one that was sixteen years in the making.  I don't know how many of you have lived in the same home for 16 years, but this is the first time in my life that I have ever lived in any one residence for more than 6 years (including my childhood).  I think the only way I can stay content in the same place is to continually make changes, so it's probably a good thing we bought a fixer-upper or else we probably would have moved long ago.

The things we've done to this house over the past 16 years have practically transformed it into an entirely new house existing within the same 32 year old walls.  Two levels out of four were completely renovated from nothing into a custom office, home theater, full bar, guest bath, laundry room and a shop/craftroom.  Another level received a complete face lift that included a totally new kitchen and dining area that, to our astonishment, received first place in a remodeling contest and got published in a trade magazine. The final renovation was the remodel of the master bathroom and new carpet for the upstairs level which was the project we just completed.

When that was finished back in October, I was torn between being totally elated and somewhat sad.  I'm torn emotionally because I remember all the excitement we experienced for each project we completed and the anticipation and all the planning for the next one. Now what?  Just maintenance.  All the sweat equity we have in this house.  It would be difficult to let go, for sure, but I hope we don't get bored and end up wanting to move.  For now, we're just enjoying the fruits of our labor. 

What's the longest period of time you've spent in one residence?

Until next time ~

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back in the Saddle

hello again, it's me!

have you wondered where the heck i've been?

on an extra long blog siesta, that's where, and i have to admit...

i liked it!

  i even considered staying there permanently,
but after quite a few requests for my return (to my surprise), 
i figured it's about time
to get my lazy ass back into clicking and posting again!

and what better time than the start of the new year
so, here i am, back in the saddle
not sure of how much i'll be riding
or what i'll be posting
but if you're interested, you can find me here
and just in case...
if i tend to slack off, just give me a kick or two!

i just hope ya'll have been better about blogging
and taking photos than I have
and i hope I can remember all the stuff
that took me months to learn. 
if not, i'll have to start re-teaching myself.

i'll fill you in on a few things that happened during my siesta, some good, some not so good
on my next post.

until then....