Monday, April 30, 2012

When Turkeys Fly

have you ever seen a turkey fly?

sort of like seeing a C-130 in the air
defying the law of gravity

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dedicated to my SIL & PIC

my photography partner-in-crime
and i
went on a photo shoot

lovely afternoon
i say
just magnificently lovely

should i type it one more time so you'll totally get
 how lovely an afternoon yesterday was
or do you catch my drift?

good, let's move on

 because of how lovely yesterday afternoon was
(forgive me, i just felt it was needed)
i decided 
to dedicate 
this post 
to both my SIL & my PIC
(sister-in-law & photog-in-crime)

my SIL
who is a certified master gardener
up in new england
just loves to play in the dirt

she grows things
lots of things
lots and lots of things

all afternoon
 all i could do was think about her
as i strolled through the grounds
snapping my camera every few seconds

if you haven't already realized this no-brainer on your own
here's an invaluable tidbit of advise
*travel light*
don't go on a photo shoot like you're going shopping
downsize to a small shoulder bag
large enough for one extra lens, maybe
 a bottle of water
and maybe some gum and of course your wallet
and your phone
there's nothing more frustrating 
than having to put down a loaded purse, a bottle of water and a grounds map
each time you want to take a shot
good grief, do i know

now, back to the regularly scheduled post...

i know 
without a doubt in my mind
if my SIL lived in atlanta
she would live, breathe and work at

but, what i do not know is
how in the world i have lived here so long 
and never knew this hidden treasure was so close to home

and i have absolutely no idea
how they
(ie. staff staff and volunteers)
keep all the plants flourishing 
and their grounds so lovingly maintained 

the gardens
can not compete with the likes of 
let's say
but for a private and local park
they certainly blew me and my cohort away

and now without any further ado
here are some of my favorite shots from yesterday
i do not know what many of the species are
that will be for my SIL to figure out

i did not take notes

enjoy sis!

oh, and one more thing
SIL has made reference
to possibly doing a guest post here sometime

egg her on!!

all geeks welcome

and lots more roses

even this little guy had to get in on the act by sneaking in without my knowledge

and then there were these.....

did i forget to mention koi ponds as well?

where you can sit and meditate

where even their pond grunge, hopping with spiders, is awesome

can you find the spider?

and check out this amazing low growing plant ( the leaf size is about the size of your hand )

have fun identifying this one, sis!

and look how huge their ferns get!

standing up against my photog-in-crime

moving on to the conifer garden

where its all things "cone"

and everything makes you look small

who's that, you ask? 
why it's my PIC who i will miss dearly

while she hangs out
in the sunshine state for a few months
she's leaving shortly

what does this funky tree make you think of?

now, if you're tired
 from looking at all the photos
take a seat here....

and relax awhile

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Guarding and Waiting

this past weekend while we were at the lake
we took a tootle (our nickname for a lazy stroll) on the boat
 even though the weather wasn't so wonderful

the sun played hide and seek with us
and when she ran off and hid
 the cool breezes teased us

so, we beached our pontoon on a favorite sandbar
and decided to play a game of cards

while we were there
this guy kept a very close eye on us

he would swim back and forth
very slowly
periodically, checking us out

so hubby decided to check things out himself
by getting off the boat
and walking the sandbar

"bean...grab your camera and come over"
he called out
(bean, being my nickname)

this is what we saw

and a closer look

a proud mama
and a daddy that was making sure all stayed safe

i'll keep you posted

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dripping Spanish Moss

as the sun settles to the west

outside my mother's lanai

the spanish moss drips in golden sunshine

and sways ever so slightly in the gentle florida breezes

it's so easy to drift away into a world

where imagination rules

:: this or that thursday ::

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunshine, Sponges and Saganaki

my mom lives on the gulf coast of florida
and when we go, we love visiting the greek coastal town of 

this intimate little coastal town is known for its sponges
they're everywhere 
from swinging on fishing boats
to bins overflowing with them along main street
 merchants waiting for tourists to touch and squeeze them
in hopes they'll buy a few

and sponges aren't all that can be found
in fact, i found a couple of adorable summer dresses....
who can resist colorful beachy fabrics that are swaying in the gulf breezes?

now, let's turn our attention
to the opposite side of main street
where the birds hang

and observe

look at that luscious red beak....

the better to kiss you with, my dear

just watch those feet, please


now...movin' on to the boats

that line the inlet beside main street

they come and they go

smiles are everywhere

and the day wouldn't be complete
without having an early dinner at dimitri's
where the saganaki is superb
then, dessert at hellas
where the greek pastries are to die for!
i hope you enjoyed this little stroll around tarpon springs
sorry, i haven't been around much lately,
but i will soon be making my rounds to visit all my peeps
i've missed you guys!